Ecopoly – Hot air and radiant heat from firewood and biomass

ecopolyThe French Ecopoly2 furnace is now available for the first time in Canada. Säätötuli and Ecopoly’s manufacturer have reached an agreement for the distribution of the furnace in North America.

ecopoly-fuelsEcopoly2 is a hot air generator that also provides radiant heat through static air circulation. It is able to burn a wide range of fuels like firewood, compressed logs, dismantled pallets, cardboard…

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Two models are available:
ECP2.50: 40kW – 136.000BTU/hr, able to heat approximatively 3.500 sqf.
ECP2.100: 80kW – 272.000BTU/hr, able to heat approximatively 7.000 sqf.

Ecopoly2 has been designed with 5 principles:
– Simplicity: Easy-to-use and long-lasting
– Versatility: Ecopoly2 is able to burn a wide range of solid fuels like firewood, wood leftovers, pallet chunks…
– Sturdiness: High grade materials like stainless steel are used in manufacturing
– Security: Vertical draft ensures that no flame tries to escape from the hatch when loading fuel
– Performance: Ceramic-covered fireplace and AISI430 stainless steel grid ensure a combustion efficiency around 80 to 85%


Ventilation turbine

Ecopoly2 is equipped with a centrifugal fan blowing air through the heat exchanger to produce large amounts of hot air (around 40 to 50°C increase in temperature compared to ambiant air). The centrifugal fan is simply plugged to a 110V plug.

Please note that the picture on the left is from an European 220V fan. North American models may look different.






Double shell

Ecopoly2 has a doubled shell around the heat-exchanger. Therefore, static air is heated around the exchanger and circulates upwards providing radiant heat around the unit.







Ventilation grid

The ventilation grid distributes the heated air in a homogeneous way and avoids any accidental contact with the hot surfaces of the heat exchanger.






Large feeding hatch

The large feeding hatch of Ecopoly2 makes it easy to load even big chunks of fuel inside the furnace.

Hatch width:
Ecopoly2 50: 80 cm = 31.5 inch
Ecopoly2 100: 1m = 39.4 inch




ecopoly-ashtrayAshtray with ventilating holes

The large ashtray has a big capacity. The ashtray is equipped with holes to allow better airflow under the combustion grid.







Ecopoly2 is at its best in large spaces like workshops, small greenhouses, agricultural buildings, where it can be used as a heater and a simple way to get rid of waste like wood leftovers or packing materials.

Soon to come: Ecopoly2 with Säätötuli biomass burner


Ecopoly2 will soon be available with a Säätötuli STRONG biomass burner. This new version of the furnace is under conjoined development from Säätötuli and Airlat, the French manufacturer of Ecopoly2. The first prototype has delivered good results and a commercial model will become available during the summer of 2016.

Adding a Säätötuli STRONG burner to Ecopoly2 will allow the furnace to use woodchips, pellets and many other biomass-based fuels in an automated way.


Please note that Ecopoly2 has not been tested for EPA or any other North American standard (except of the centrifugal fan that is manufactured according to North American electrical standards). Use of Ecopoly2 in some areas may be restrained by local or provincial regulations. Ecopoly2 has hot surfaces when delivering maximum power and therefore has to be installed in a secure place where it is not in contact with flammable materials. Ecopoly2 has to be connected to a chimney with good draft which must be sweeped regurarely. The purchaser assumes all risk and liability in the use of this machinery. The purchaser has the responsibility to check if any local or provincial regulation forbids the use of the equipment in his area.

Ecopoly2 combined to a Säätötuli Strong burner will be able to meet more demanding emission standards and will be tested and certified against them as soon as the model is ready.

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