Säätötuli combustion technology

Säätötuli manufactures high quality stoker-burners for biomass in a range of 136,500 BTU/hr (40kW) up to 6,824,300 BTU/hr (2000kW).

The Säätötuli burning technology ensures a high energy output and low emissions for a wide range of solid fuels. Based on huge thermal inertia, a wide combustion grate, a big firebox and a perfect control of combustion airs, the Säätötuli burner is able to burn a large variety of solid fuels and maintain an exceptionnally low level of atmospheric emissions.

60kw-burnerSäätötuli 60kW (205,000 BTU/hr) burner

The grate is made of cast iron. Beginning from 80kW (273,000 BTU/hr) and above, all burners are equipped with a grate mechanism to push the fuel down the grate in an even way and reduce clinker. This allows the use of fuels with high ash contains.

500kw-burnerSäätötuli 500kW (1,706,000 BTU/hr) burner

From 150kW (512,000 BTU/hr) and above, the burner is equipped with a removable top and easily changable ceramics. This sturdy conception leads to a long lifetime and reduced maintenance costs. Most of the burners can be fitted with automatic ignition.


The nominal output of all burners is guaranteed for wood-based fuels up to 35% of moisture. In addition to that, Säätötuli burners are able to burn a wide range of solid fuels up to 50% of moisture. Here are some examples of fuels used in Säätötuli burners:

  • energy chips (hog fuel produced with a chipper)
  • wood chips
  • pellets
  • peat
  • wood-industry leftovers
  • fruit cores, nut shells, corn cobs…

We are always pleased to answer any questions regarding different fuels, don’t hesitate to send us your questions.

We offer also additional flue gas cleaning systems and ash conveying systems that you can discover on this page.

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