Säätötuli hot water biomass boilers

Säätötuli has a wide range of hot water biomass boilers ranging from 136,500 BTU/hr (40 kW) up to 6,825,000 BTU/hr (2MW). For the 2017-2018 winter, we are able to deliver boilers made according to ASME between 546,000 BTU/hr (160 kW) up to 3,412,000 BTU/hr (1000 kW). As pressure vessels, our boilers have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN) valid for all provinces.

Säätötuli boilers are especially designed to be connected to a Säätötuli burner and Säätötuli biomass fuel silo and conveyor. You can see the different equipment we can offer on this page.

Principal elements of a Säätötuli hot water biomass heating system:
1 – Fuel silo (like the Säätötuli Hydrobar on this picture)
2 – Fuel drop or hydraulic lock
3 – Fuel conveying auger including safety features
4 – Säätötuli burner
5- Säätötuli boiler and ashbox
6 – Multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning system (optional)
7 – Automatic ash removal system (optional)
8 – Automation box

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