Biomass retrofit on maple syrup evaporator

Säätötuli Canada and ProMétal Plus worked together to retrofit a maple syrup evaporator with a Säätötuli biomass burner. The system has been running since late March 2019 and will be tested during all the sugar season in Deschambault, QC.

The biomass burner can burn woodchips instead of logs. Burner output is 272 921 BTU/hr (80kW). The Säätötuli Strong 420 silo is big enough for about 4 hours of full power. The system can be equipped with a bigger silo, but this one is already a big step compared to having to put logs every 10 minutes in the evaporator.

The C110 automation system allows to optimize the combustion depending on the fuel. The system has a switch that puts the burner on idle when changing the pans. The machine connects simply to a 110 volt socket.

More information: Rétrofit biomass burner for maple syrup evaporator