Agricultural biomass heating systems at SIMAQ in Quebec-city, January 30 – February 1st, 2020

Säätötuli will present its agricultural biomass heating systems for the first time at the SIMAQ-fair in Quebec-city on January 30-31 and February 1st, 2020.

Agricultural biomass heating systems at SIMAQ 2020

At the end of 2019, the propane crisis was a major concern for many farmers in Quebec. To avoid this stress in the future, time has come to think about switching from fossil fuel to a locally produced and cheap alternative with our agricultural biomass heating systems.

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Agricultural biomass heating systems can be used for any heating energy needs on a farm. It can be used for grain dryers, greenhouses, poultry and swine buildings, garages and houses.

Come visit us outside the main hall of the SIMAQ fair. We will be outside to show you our biomass heating systems in action with our Säätötuli Strong biomass burner fired up to generate heat. Our booth will be located just in front of the main entrances. You can visit us when you arrive at the fair, or on your way between the main hall and the “Pavillon de la Jeunesse” hall.

Sätötuli has a wide range of solutions for agricultural biomass heating. Our range of ASME hot water biomass boilers can heat one or several buildings at a time. Our hot air systems are a great solution to displace propane use in grain dryers.

Säätötuli’s biomass heating systems can use any kind of biomass: woodchips, pellets (wood and agropellets), agricultural residues, etc. Säätötuli is probably the only manufacturer to guarantee that its biomass heating systems will output the nominal power up to a moisture content of 35% in the fuel.

Säätötuli’s burners are also available for retrofit purposes. If you have a heating device using cordwood, it can be easily retrofitted to use woodchips or pellets in an automated way.

On our booth at the SIMAQ, you will also see our Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor and videos of the woodchippers that we distribute.

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