First Canadian-made hydronic biomass boilers soon ready

First series of Säätötuli hydronic biomass boilers made in Canada

Säätötuli Canada is happy to announce that the first Canadian-made hydronic biomass boilers will be soon ready for delivery.

The 2020 pandemic severely disrupted our plans to design and manufacture our range of hot-water biomass boilers with Canadian standards. Despite the difficulties and the accumulated delay, our manufacturing partner ProMétal Plus is currently producing the first series of our 200kW / 682,000 BTU/hr boilers. These boilers have been manufactured according to ASME Section IV. They have already received their CRN (Canadian Registration Number) from the Régie du Bâtiment in Québec. The necessary documents have also been sent to TSSA for a prompt approval for Ontario also.

A first 400kW / 1,365,000 BTU/hr boiler is also being fabricated and it has also received its CRN for Québec. A 300kW / 1,024,000 BTU/hr boiler will follow during Q1/2021.

Säätötuli ASME hot-water biomass boiler at the manufacturing facility

Säätötuli will start the new year with a range of three hydronic biomass boilers with approved CRN numbers. The experience acquired with ProMétal Plus during the joint development of these boilers will also allow for a faster development of new models in Säätötuli’s output range (160kW / 546,000 BTU/hr up to 1500kW / 5,118,000 BTU/hr). The additional delay for a boiler output that is not yet approved should not be more than 4 to 6 additional weeks compared to the models that already have their CRN.

In addition to the heat-exchanger that is manufactured in Québec, Säätötuli is now sourcing the major parts of its biomass heating systems in Canada. Heat exchangers and some metallic parts are manufactured in the National Capital region of Québec. Some other parts are fabricated in the Centre-du-Québec region. The cast-iron parts are made by a foundry in the Montérégie-region. The automation and electric cabinets are manufactured in Québec also. For the electric motors, fans and PLCs, Säätötuli trusts Ontario-based distributors who are able to provide the same trusted components used successfully in Europe, but with local electric standards.

The first of the currently produced boilers is being installed to heat the ProMétal Plus factory in Deschambault, QC. The boiler should be commissioned in January 2021. We will be happy to let you visit that heating system while respecting the health restrictions that will be in effect. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to be informed once the boiler is fired up and ready for visits