New video: BioCont Roll-off and PEX heat-network

Discover our new video on the BioCont Roll-off containerised biomass heating plant and the hydronic heat-network built with pre-insulated PEX piping.

BioCont Roll-off is a containerised biomass heating plant that is fully assembled in a factory. It includes a fuel silo that can be filled with different biomass fuels (like woodchips or pellets), a biomass boiler and all the equipment to run the boiler. The heating plant is basically a plug-and-play unit as it only needs to be connected to the heat network to be ready to run.

This heat plant has also a hook which allows any roll-off truck to move it easily without any crane or loading/unloading equipment.

The hydronic heat-network is easy to build with pre-insulated PEX piping. All you need is to dig trenches to connect the heating plant and the buildings to be heated and pour some sand at the bottom. Once the PEX pipes have been placed and connection wells assembled for the different branches of the network, the PEX pipes are covered with compacted sand. Trenches are then filled with stoneless soil.