Säätötuli at ExpoChamps 2022 fair with 2 separate booths

Salon ExpoChamps 2022 à St Liboire, QC les 30, 31 août et 1er septembre 2022

This year Säätötuli Canada will be at the ExpoChamps fair with two booths. Come visit us on August 30, 31 and September 1st 2022 in St. Liboire, QC! We will be located near the main entrance on booths E7 and E19.

Démonstration de processeur à bois de chauffage Pilkemaster à ExpoChamps

As usual, you will see our Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor and our big-bags on our E7 booth. Lara and Marcel will be happy to operate the machine and show you how fast we can produce firewood and fill big-bags.

Sécher le grain avec la biomasse est possible avec la chaufferie air chaud containérisée présentée à ExpoChamps

To see our new products, come check the E19 booth where Topi and Jérôme will show you our biomass heating systems. You will find there for the first time in Canada a fully functional biomass-fired hot air generator for grain dryers. That equipment provides more than 1.7 million BTU/hr of hot air and will operate with woodchips during the 3 days of the event. It can be used for grain dryers, to provide heat for large buildings and other applications requiring a lot of hot air..

You will also see the prototype of our skid-mounted biomass burner for maple syrup evaporators. That equipment is built by our partner Innovations Biomasse. This allows to make the heating of your sap evaporator totally automated.

ExpoChamps is the biggest agricultural event East of Montreal. You can get to the site by the exits 147 and 145 of the higway 20. More information: https://salondelagriculture.com/expo-champs/