15 years ago: birth of the current Säätötuli containerised biomass heating plant

BioCont Junior 2007: the ancestor of all modern containerised biomass heating plants by Säätötuli

A little bit of history… In 2007, Säätötuli has been successfully manufacturing containerised biomass heating plants already for 4 years with around 50 units manufactured so far. The use of maritime containers was eliminated early in this venture as their size restrictions made the maintenance of the heating systems difficult. With all that experience, it was time to redesign the containerised heating plant with updated features. The modern BioCont Junior was born.

The BioCont Junior was already in production but was upgraded to a modern version in 2007.

The new heating plant was an evolution that considered all the customer input and integrated the latest Säätötuli technology available at that time. Exterior and interior finishing are of higher quality and the features are updated. This new version allowed the customer to easily choose on which side of the heating plant he wanted the access door for the boiler room.

The hydraulically operated roof allows for easy filling of the biomass silo with a loader.

Like its predecessors, the unit is divided into a boiler room with the boiler and all its control equipment, and a silo part to store the biomass fuel (usually woodchips or pellets). The silo roof opens hydraulically to easily fill the silo with a loader.
This is the first containerised boiler plant with the now standard features of all Säätötuli prefabricated heating plants. It has a square metal-tube frame and fire-resistant sandwich-panel walls and roof. The exterior metal frame allows for additional sheet metal or wood cladding, but in many cases the choice of colors for the frame and the wall panels is large enough for most customers to create a heating plant that is nice looking on their site.

All the plumbing works are factory built with the highest standards of quality.

Inside, all plumbing works are built to Säätötuli’s high quality standards. The whole setup is done with professional care to ensure that the heating plant delivers the whole output of the boiler with minimal heat losses. The heat network connections are all placed in a single point inside the boiler room according to the customer’s wishes. For heating plants where the heat network pipes arrive from below, a hole is installed at the right place on the floor of the boiler room to minimize the installation work at the customer’s site.

Electrical works are made with high standards and only the electrical supply line must be connected at the installation site.

Electrical work is also done with the highest quality standards. When the heating plant arrives at the customer’s location, only the main electrical box needs to be connected to the electrical supply. In 2007, these systems were equipped with an automation control with a multi-line digital display. They were replaced by color touch-screen PLCs starting from 2013.

The BioCont Junior 2007 containerised heating plant could be fitted with automated ash augers as an option.

The 2007 version of the BioCont Junior can be considered as the common ancestor of all the current containerised biomass heating plants made by Säätötuli. It inspired the current product range and defined the ease of use and maintenance as well as the high-quality standards that are still in use when Säätötuli Canada manufactures new containerised units.