Heating equipment

Säätötuli's biomass heating equipment: burners, boilers and containerized biomass heating plants

Säätötuli is a recognized expert in biomass heating equipment. With a range from 160kW (545,942 BTU/hr) up to 1,500kW (1,706,071 BTU/hr), we can offer a wide variety of solutions for numerous applications.

Hot water biomass boilers

Hot-water bioboilers

Our hot-water biomass boilers are manufactured in Canada. They are versatile heating equipment that can be used in many different applications like district heating, local heat networks and any kind of building heating.
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Hot air biomass furnace

Hot air generator

Our hot air generator produces up to 17,000 CFM of hot air with woodchips or pellets. It can be combined to increase the total output. A great solution for grain dryers, biomass dryers, event tent heating and even underground mine shaft heating.
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Containerised biomass heating plants

Containerised biomass heating plants

Säätötuli’s biomass heating technology has been used in more than 300 containerised biomass heating plants around the world. Our containerised solutions are easy to install and operate and can be easily relocated if needed.
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Biomass burner retrofit on an outdoor furnace

Biomass burner retrofit

Our biomass burners can be retrofitted in any wood burning device. They can convert outdoor furnaces to be used with woodchips or pellets. The silo can be filled once every few days instead of twice a day and the thermostat pilots the output.
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Versatile biomass heating equipment

Säätötuli’s biomass heating equipment is used for agricultural applications like grain dryers and heating of green houses and livestock buildings, as well to provide heat to industrial, commercial and municipal buildings. Some more specific applications have been developed like hot water for gas-station car washers and hot air for underground mining. You can check our page on examples of application for biomass heating.

Biomass heating is a renewable, carbon-neutral and socially responsible energy.

Hot water biomass boilers

Hydronic heating made with hot water boilers are versatile solutions for many heating applications. Säätötuli Canada’s hot water boiler range is manufactured in Canada with outputs from 540,000 BTU/hr up to 5,118,000 BTU/hr (1500kW).

Biomass burners

Säätötuli manufactures a large selection of multi-fuel biomass burners from 136,500 BTU/hr (40kW) up to 1,706,000 BTU/hr (500kW) for retrofit applications. These burners can be retrofitted on outdoor furnaces as well as on maple syrup evaporators. Basically any log-fired system can be retrofitted with our burners to make it use woodchips or pellets and save a lot of labour.

Industrial hot air generator

Säätötuli’s hot air generator can heat up to 17,000 CFM of air and can be used for heating and drying applications. Several units can be combined to increase the output.

Local manufacturing

Säätötuli’s biomass burner technology has been originally developed in Finland. Säätötuli Canada acquired the rights for the products for North America and we manufacture most of our heating equipment in Canada.

Containerised biomass heat plants

Säätötuli is also an expert in containerised biomass heat production plants that can be used for example for district heat networks.

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