Heating equipment

STRONG biomass burner and silo, european style small-size Säätötuli boiler, bioheat container

Säätötuli is a recognized expert in biomass heating equipments. With a range from 160kW (545,942 BTU/hr) up to 1,500kW (1,706,071 BTU/hr), we can offer a wide variety of solutions for numerous applications. Säätötuli heating equipment is used for agricultural applications like grain dryers and heating of green houses and livestock buildings, as well to provide heat to industrial and commercial buildings. Some more specific applications have been developped like hot water for gas-station car washers and hot air for underground mining.

Säätötuli is also an expert in containerized biomass heat production plants that can be used for example for residential or municipal heat networks.

Säätötuli combustion technology
– Säätötuli biomass fuel silos and fuel conveyors
Säätötuli hot water biomass boilers
Säätötuli biomass hot air generator
– Bioheat containers
Retrofitting an outdoor furnace with an automated biomass burner
OEM and special projects
Ecopoly2 hot air and radiant heat from biomass and firewood

Download biomass heating solutions brochure (PDF)Download brochure (PDF)

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