Biomass burner retrofit for maple syrup evaporator

Maple syrup being produced with a woodchip burner

Producing maple syrup with woody residues from the forest is now possible by mounting a Säätötuli biomass burner on an existing maple sap evaporator. Different burner outputs are available to accommodate the energy need of different sizes of maple syrop evaporators. Our partner Innovations Biomasse will be happy to assist you in choosing the best burner for your equipment. For more information, contact Jérôme at 418-894-5481.

The video above shows you the prototype of a 500kW – 1.7 million BTU/hr in action. It is connected to a Kaks2 silo discharger and has a C110 control automation. The burner is a standard Säätötuli burner, meaning that you can equip your maple syrup evaporator with any biomass silo solution from Säätötuli compatible with its output.

The Säätötuli biomass burner sends its flame inside the maple sap evaporator

The biomass burner can be installed to replace an oil or propane burner, or simply be insterted in the fireplace of a log-fired maple sap evaporator. The burner will create a powerful and constant flame. Woodchips and pellets contain always some humidity. That humidity will evaporate and circulate with the flue gases. That increases the volume of hot flue gases that travel beneath the pans compared to fossil fuel fired equipment, thus decreasing the energy need. You will not only use a green renewable energy source, but also consume less energy to produce your maple syrup.

The C110 automation controls the output of the burner during the maple syrup production

The burner output is controlled by a C110 control automation with a 2-line digital display. The amount of fuel entering the burner can be chosen depending on the output needed and the fuel that is in use. More advanced color touch-screen automations are also available if your project needs them.

Evaporating maple sap with woodchips or pellets

Like all Säätötuli bioburners, the burner fitted on the maple sap evaporator can use woodchips as well as pellets. You can simply chip the branches and other residues coming out every year from your forest and use them as fuel. The equipment can run on fuels up to 35% moisture content. You will naturally get to this humidity if you chip your branches and treetops one year after felling. Woodchips above that moisture content will warm up in summer and freeze in the silo on winter.

The fuel silo is easy to fill with a loader

If you wish to study the possibility to fit your maple syrup evaporator with one of our burners, contact Jérôme from Innovations Biomasse at 418-849-5481. If you live in Quebec, your conversion may be eligible to subsidies from Transition Énergétique Québec: