Containerised biomass heating plants

A containerised biomass boiler plant is a ready made plug-and-play renewable energy heating plant Containerised biomass boiler plants

Säätötuli was one of the pioneers in the field of containerised biomass boiler plants and has now over 10 years of experience and more than 200 manufactured units installed in Europe. In North America, 7 units are already running in Canada.

A plug-and-play biomass boiler plant

Säätötuli’s containerised biomass boiler plants are fully operational biomass heating systems built inside a custom made container with fire-resistant walls. They include a silo, a hot water boiler or a hot air furnace, the automation and all the electrical works and plumbing already made in the factory. They are easy to install and easy to relocate.

Containerised biomass boiler plants come in many shapes and with different silo solutions

Säätötuli’s containerised biomass boiler plants come in different shapes depending on the need of the customer for output and silo capacity.

Here are the different types of containerised biomass heating plants from Säätötuli Canada:

We are also pleased to feature more detailed case studies for some containerised biomass heating systems:

A containerised heating plant is easy to install as it is almost completely manufactured in a factory. Once on the installation site, the boiler plant is set on its concrete pad, the chimney is erected and the heat and electrical networks are connected. Therefore installation is easy and fast and requires only a solid installation pad. The boiler plant is also easy to relocate if needed. Problems due to incorrect cabling is also avoided as everything is mounted and tested before delivery.

Containerised biomass boiler plant with wood cladding

The containerised heating plant can be equipped with additional wooden or metallic cladding to integrate it to its surroundings.

An ideal solution for BTU sellers

These modular solutions are commonly used by green heat entrepreneurs. They allow to deliver heat to the customers without having to undergo a long installation process, but also they are easy to relocate at the end of the BTU-selling contract or if the customer is unable to pay his invoices. These features make the containerised biomass plants also easier to finance.

The hot-air version of the containerised biomass boilers is also easy to rent for short events if the organizer wants to show green values during the event.

A tool to start-up building a municipal district heating

Containerised biomass boiler plants can also be used for municipal district heating. They allow for a soft start and step-by-step capacity building for biomass heat networks. You can read more about this concept in our brochure about municipal biomass heating.

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