Examples of applications of biomass heating

Solutions for municipalities

Municipal biomass district heating plant

There is a lot of possible applications for biomass heating in municipalities. Säätötuli has a long experience of providing heating plants for small municipal district heat networks.

In Northern Europe, municipal heating networks provide heat to municipal buildings but also to any industrial, commercial or even private building that wants to be connected to the network. Säätötuli Canada has partners able to engineer a full town-wide network with respect to provincial regulations. Säätötuli’s containerised solutions offer also a way to build a municipal heat network step-by-step instead of a huge initial investment. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to know how.

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Solutions for heat entrepreneurs

Examples of biomass heat applications: containerised biomass plants for BTU sellers

One of the applications of biomass heating that has been developing a lot in recent years is the heat entrepreneurship.

Säätötuli’s containerized heating solutions are ideal for bio-heat entrepreneurs. A heat entrepreneur will sell heat-energy to the customers. Customer will just have to pay his heating bill as any other utility invoice, whereas the heat entrepreneur will take care of the maintenance and fuel supply of the heating plant. Our flexible solutions can easily accommodate a backup fossil-fuel boiler if needed.

If you want to learn more about heat entrepreneurship, you can download our presentation on that matter:

Applications of biomass heating for farmers

Applications of biomass heat: hot air for grain dryers

Säätötuli’s boilers and furnaces can provide hot water or hot air for many agricultural applications like grain dryers and heating of greenhouses, livestock buildings or any other agricultural building. By building a small heat network, a farm can easily heat many different buildings with one single heating plant.

Säätötuli’s boilers and furnaces are able to burn a wide variety of different agricultural residues, meaning that in some cases, the farm can become totally independent of external energy purchases for its heating.

You can read more about heating greenhouses with biomass by downloading our presentation:

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