OEM and special projects

biomecopolySäätötuli’s versatile and easy-to-use biomass burners are also widely used for OEM applications by different manufacturers. Säätötuli is always happy to help other manufacturers to adapt a biomass burner into their own equipment. Depending on the case, our products can be integrated as full OEM or cobranded. Säätötuli can also be a partner for the development of totally new products.

alambois-picsSome examples of Säätötuli burning technology adaptation:
– Alambois biomass Cognac still, runs with waste from wineyards. Säätötuli participated to the full project to optimize the process which has been validated as equally performant as propane fired stills by Martell, one of the biggest players in the field.
– Biomecopoly – converting a firewood hot air furnace to an automated biomass furnace.
– Biomass burning equipment for small scale electricity production equipment running on camel manure in Africa.

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