OEM and special projects

The Säätötuli Strong burner is integrated as OEM on the Ecopoly2 heating system Säätötuli’s versatile and easy-to-use biomass burners are also widely used for OEM applications by different manufacturers. Säätötuli is always happy to help other manufacturers to adapt a biomass burner into their own equipment. Depending on the case, our products can be integrated as full OEM with the manufacturer’s brand, or cobranded with both brands. Säätötuli can also be a partner for the development of totally new products.

For example, Säätötuli has provided the Hydrobar silo dischargers and augers as OEM solutions for a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) manufacturer. Those same systems are also provided for Säätökuivaus Oy for their Säätökuivuri biomass dryer.

Säätötuli can also partner up for the development of brand new products. Any device that needs heat and is installed near a potential biomass fuel source can benefit from the superior combustion technology from Säätötuli.

An example of product development is the Alambois biomass-fired Cognac still.

The Alambois Cognac still was co-developed by Säätötuli and the Bonne Chauffe, a French company of the Cognag region

On this project, Säätötuli cooperated more than two years with the French company La Bonne Chauffe and a local Cognac producer. The result was the Alambois: a Cognac still that uses chipped winery residuals as fuel to distillate Cognac instead of propane. This results in a lower carbon footprint and lower energy costs, as the producer now uses the by-products of his fields instead of burning them on slash piles.

The Alambois is the only biomass-fired commercial Cognac still. It has been approved by one of the major Cognac brands and certified to provide an end-product that is as good as if it was distillated with propane. It integrates a Kaks2 silo and a Säätötuli biomass burner as OEM components.

Some other examples of Säätötuli burning technology adaptation:
– Biomecopoly – converting a firewood hot air furnace to an automated biomass furnace.
– Biomass burning equipment for small scale electricity production equipment running on camel manure in Africa.