Pre-insulated PEX piping for heat networks and district heating

Pre-insulated PEX Piping for heat networks and district heating

Our pre-insulated PEX Piping is designed for the efficient transfer of hot water through buried pipelines. It is a simple and cost-effective way to build up a buried hydronic heat-network. It can be used for municipal district-heat networks as well as for industrial, agricultural, commercial, or residential hydronic piping systems.

Our high quality pre-insulated PEX Piping guarantees minimal heat loss and a cost-effective way to build the heat-transfer network. The new 2019 version of our PEX Piping integrates an XPE-layer for additional flexibility and even easier installation than before. The sturdy construction and easy installation give our pre-insulated PEX Piping a calculated lifetime expectancy up to 50-years.

Minimal heat loss

PEX piping with SuperFoam insulation

The pre-insulated PEX Piping consists of a PEX-a inside tubing with an EVOH oxygen barrier. It is available in single and double-pipe configuration. The double-pipe configuration allows for supply and return pipes to be combined in one single pipe, making the installation faster and easier. The PEX tube is surrounded by CFC-free SuperFoam polyurethane and an outer layer of UV-protected corrugated HDPE-polyethylene with an aluminium layer.

For effective heat-transfer, the continuous heat-resistance is 85°C / 185°F and the piping has an instantaneous heat-resistance of 95°C / 203°F.


Streamlined installation

Pre-insulated PEX Piping installation depth

With its superior insulation, our PEX Piping does not require huge digging efforts. It has been successfully used in polar conditions in Finland, Sweden, and Norway for more than 40 years. Recommended installation depth is only 2 feet (600mm). The pre-insulated PEX Piping is surrounded by sand (0-16mm) and the rest is simply covered with stoneless soil.

The flexibility of the piping makes it easy also to install in trenches that are not straight.


Fittings and connection-wells

Fittings for pre-insulated PEX piping

Our pre-insulated PEX Piping is ideal to build district heating or smaller heat networks between boilers and buildings. Fittings are available to connect the PEX Piping to the boiler-room and hydronic heating systems inside buildings. Tees and other connectors are also available, making it easy to build any kind of buried heat network configuration.

Connection wells for PEX heat networks

To dispatch your PEX piping towards the different locations, our connection wells make handy connection points where you can divide several branches of your network. They also allow for easy upgrades of your heat network as you do not have to dig to find the existing piping when connecting a new building.

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