Industrial hydraulic scraper solutions

Industrial hydraulic scraper biomass silo. The scrapers are tough enough to support the weigh of a fully loaded truck. Trucks can back up in the silo to dump the fuel directly on the scrapers. Industrial hydraulic-scraper silo-stations from 400,000 BTU/hr (120 kW) and up

The hydraulic scraper station is the best solution for a biomass fuel silo if the heating-project requires a huge capacity with easy loading access. Säätötuli is able to manufacture stations with any number of scrapers. Scraper size can be customized.

Hydraulic scrapers installed on a concrete floor

The hydraulic scrapers are installed on the concrete floor of the silo. Depending on the project, the scrapers can be built sturdy enough so that the delivery truck can back-up directly on the scrapers to dump the fuel.

Powerful hydraulic cylinders move the scrapers of the biomass silo

At the rear of the silo, powerful hydraulic cylinders move the scrapers and get the biomass fuel to the conveyor. Depending on the biomass boiler, the hydraulic scraper station will be connected to an auger or a chain conveyor. Säätötuli scraper stations can easily be built to accommodate several hundreds of cubic meters of biomass fuel. Loading is easy as the truck can enter directly inside the silo, drive over the scrapers and dump the material inside.

The hydraulic scraper stations are commonly used as biomass fuel silos on district heating plants. Especially municipal district heating plants are easy to operate with huge biomass silos where the fuel deliveries can be done with whole trucks, and that are able to contain up to two weeks worth of fuel to be able to pass through winter storms with ease. This ensures that the heat delivery will not be affected if the fuel load is blocked by snow for a day or two.

Hydraulic scraper stations make it easy also to mix fuels for the boiler. For example a farmer can load agricultural residues with high ash content on one scraper, and woodchips on another scraper. The boiler will then receive a mix of the two fuels with a total ash content that is manageable for the boiler.

For smaller silos, Säätötuli Hydrobar systems are a miniaturized version of these scraper stations.