Säätötuli STRONG burner and silo

Säätötuli STRONG biomass burner for retrofit and OEM

Säätötuli STRONG-series for retrofit and OEM

If you are looking for a retrofit solution, the Säätötuli STRONG-series is the simplest and easiest biomass burner you can imagine. It is composed of a 420 or 920 liter silo and a 136,000 BTU/hr (40kW), 205,000 BTU/hr (60kW) or 273,000 BTU/hr (80kW) Säätötuli burner. It is able to process pellets and wood chips. The lenght of the feeding-screw between the burner and the silo can be modified to fit the needs of the customer.

c110Usually these burners are sold with Säätötuli’s C110 digital-display automation and are connected to a Säätötuli water boiler of equivalent power.

Säätötuli STRONG can also be connected to existing boilers as retrofit as long as the boiler complies to the features needed for conversion to biomass burner (most importantly big fire-chamber and good depression with big exhaust pipe or exhaust gas fan). You can ask your local Säätötuli reseller or representative for feasability on any conversion project.

Säätötuli STRONG can also be used as an OEM biomass burner solution for other manufacturers of heating equipment. It can for example be adapted for use on a maple syrup evaporator.

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