Säätötuli biomass hot air generator

Säätötuli's biomass hot air furnace will provide about 17,000 CFM of hot air with a delta T of 80°C

The Säätötuli biomass hot air generator has been jointly developed with a Finnish expert in grain drying technologies. First unit was fired in 1994 and is still working in Finland. During the years, many improvements have been made. Säätötuli’s hot air generator is recognized in Scandinavia for having the lowest maintenance costs and longest life-expectancy.

Typical biomass hot air furnace lay-out

Designed at first for agricultural use, the Säätötuli hot air generator has since been used in many different applications such as heating of industrial and agricultural buildings, heating for underground mines, wood-chip drying and waste treatment.

The lamellar air-to-air convection has an exceptionnal 80% efficiency and guarantees that the heated air never comes to contact with the flue gas from the combustor

The biomass hot air generator is equipped with lamellar convection made with stainless and acid-proof steel. This ensures that the hot air is never in contact with the combustion smoke which is sent to the chimney.

You will find more details about the hot air generator in the brochure you can download below. For more precise technical specifications, please contact our sales.

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Different solid fuels: woodchips, peat, woodpellets The Säätötuli hot air generator is able to burn a wide range of solid fuels, including energy-chips, wood industry leftovers, pellets, peat, agricultural residues… Säätötuli Hydrobar silo solutions can be connected to the biomass hot air furnace The design of the silo auger and the counter-blade allow the use of lowly screened fuels The Säätötuli Hydrobar feeding auger is based on the same technology as industrial solid-fuel plant silos. It is able to accept fuels with low quality screening. The conveying auger is designed to break sticks and a round blade will cut any particle too big to fit in the feeding tube.

The hot air furnace can be connected to an industrial floor scraper system

If the hot air generation plant needs a huge silo, the Säätötuli hot air generator can be connected to a hydraulic scraper station of several hundreds of cubic meters.

Automation screen on the C410 automation The hot air generator is driven by an intuitive touch-screen program. User language can be chosen at startup. Säätötuli uses only standard electrical components for its automations. In case of any problem, a local electrician will probably have the necessary components in stock and you will never have to wait for expensive parts from the factory.

Aeromag aerosol extinguisher ensure a secure operation with pellets The feeding system is always equipped with a Säätötuli security pack with automatic sprinklers or aerosol extinguishers. This eliminates the risk of backfire going into the silo. Usually the feeding system also includes a drop or a fuel-lock for increased security.

Grain dryer in Latvia with 4 Säätötuli biomass hot air furnaces connected to provide a total output of 6.8 million BTU/hr Säätötuli’s hot air generator has an output of 1.700.000BTUs/hr (500kW). If the power-need is bigger than the output of the Säätötuli hot air generator, it is easy to combine several generators in order to increase power output.