Case studies for biomass hot air generator

Event tent heating: Nordic World Ski Championship, Finland

Hot air generator heating an event tent

Several biomass hot air units were hired by the organizers of the 2017 Nordic World Ski Championship in Lahti, Finland. That allowed to provide pellet-fueled green heat to a large number of temporary structures. The hot air was used for example for the backstage of the main stage where the medals were distributed, the official shop of the event, as well as the event village with all its restaurants.

Corn drying, Picardie, France

picardie This farm located in the Picardie-region in north of France has a corn grain-dryer from the 1970’s. Hot air was provided by a 1,2MW oil burner. Thanks to it’s high efficiency, Säätötuli’s 500kW hot air generator is able to produce the same amount of hot air at the same temperature as the former boiler. Since the farm converted to Säätötuli hot air in 2013, the dry corn output has been 50 to 55 tons per day as it was before, but the drying costs have dropped more than 65%.

Mine heating, Québec, Canada

quebec Rigourous Canadian winter makes important to heat the fresh air provided at the bottom of the mine where diesel motors are used. Canadian law states that the mining company has to clean the nature once the mining operations are over. Therefore, a combination of several Säätötuli hot air containers was the best solution to provide this mine economical and ecological hot air and easy dismantling. The Säätötuli containerised biomass hot air generators meet the strict security standards set for any equipment by the mining company.

Waste treatment: drying of green algae, Brittany, France

bretagne Green algae has become a huge environmental concern in Brittany mostly because of the toxic gases they can generate when rotting. This waste treatment center uses aeraulic slabs to destroy green algae by pushing huge amounts of hot air through them to ensure good dehydration.

The heated air is provided by a Säätötuli hot air generator. A nearby pallet recycling company provides economical fuel. The center processes about 10.000 tons of green algae every year.