Säätötuli combustion technology

View inside a Säätötuli burner and boiler
Säätötuli biomass burner for solid fuels

The Säätötuli biomass burner is a high quality stoker-type burner for solid biomass fuels. Säätötuli biomass burners are available in a range of 136,500 BTU/hr (40kW) up to 5,118,000 BTU/hr (1500kW).

The Säätötuli burning technology ensures a high energy output and low emissions for a wide range of solid fuels. Based on huge thermal inertia, a wide combustion grate, a big firebox and a perfect control of combustion airs, the Säätötuli biomass burner is able to burn a large variety of solid fuels and maintain an exceptionnally low level of atmospheric emissions.

Säätötuli 205'000 BTU/hr (60kW) biomass burnerSäätötuli 60kW (205,000 BTU/hr) biomass burner

The grate is made of cast iron. Beginning from 80kW (273,000 BTU/hr) and above, all burners are equipped with a grate mechanism to push the fuel down the grate in an even way and reduce clinker. This allows the use of fuels with high ash contains.

Säätötuli 1.7 million BTU/hr (500kW) biomass burnerSäätötuli 500kW (1,706,000 BTU/hr) biomass burner

From 150kW (512,000 BTU/hr) and above, the burner is equipped with a removable top and easily changable ceramics. This sturdy conception leads to a long lifetime and reduced maintenance costs. Most of the burners can be fitted with automatic ignition.

Different solid fuels: woodchips, peat, woodpellets

The nominal output of all burners is guaranteed for wood-based fuels up to 35% of moisture. In addition to that, Säätötuli burners are able to burn a wide range of solid fuels up to 50% of moisture.

Here are some examples of fuels used in Säätötuli burners:

  • wood-energy chips (hog fuel produced with a chipper)
  • wood chips
  • pellets
  • peat
  • wood-industry leftovers
  • fruit cores, nut shells, corn cobs…

We are always pleased to answer any questions regarding different fuels, don’t hesitate to send us your questions.


Wood-energy chips VS. woodchips ?

Wood for wood-energy chips: hog, branches, treetopsThe word woodchip is commonly used for the pulp and paper woodchips that are made with only the best parts of the wood and screened to have a constant particle size. Säätötuli’s biomass boilers do not need such a high-quality woodchip and it makes no sense to start competing with the pulp & paper industry for the same supply. Wood-energy chips are the best possible fuel to feed your boiler. Wood-energy chips are woodchips made from hog, branches, treetops, sawmill leftovers, etc. When made with a good chipper, no screening process is necessary as it would eliminate a part of the biomass.

We offer also additional flue gas cleaning systems and ash conveying systems that you can discover on this page.

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