Flue gas cleaning and ash removal

Multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning system

Flue gas cleaning

Flue gas cleaning systems can be added to our boilers and hot air generators. Säätötuli is proud to feature a burning technology so extremely efficient that in most cases our equipment meet all the required emission standards even without any flue-gas cleaning system. However, we consider that our heating equipment must meet the regulations not only when they are new, but also during the whole lifecycle of the product. That is why we usually equip our commercial boilers with multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning systems.

If a local regulation requires extra low dust emissions or if you want to be at the top in terms of emissions, Säätötuli boilers can be connected to additional cleaning systems. One such system will induce an electrostatic charge in the heat exchanger. That electrostatic charge will then aggregate the small particulate matter into bigger particules, boosting the efficiency of the multi-cyclone cleaner.

To minimize the atmospheric emissions on retrofit systems, it is of utmost importance to have a big enough fire chamber in order for the flame to fully develop inside. If the flame touches one of the surfaces inside the firebox, it will cut the combustion process, thus producing unburnt particles and smoke. Retrofit systems can also be fitted with multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning systems.

Automated ash removal

ash augers The bigger the output of your biomass system, the more you will generate ash during the combustion process. To avoid having to empty your ashbox on a daily base, your boiler or furnace can be equipped with an automated ash removal system.

The ash removal system is made with two augers: one to remove the ash out of the ash-box, and another to lift the ash to a container.

Automatic ash removal is optional. If you use your Säätötuli burner with premium grade wood-pellets, you will generate very few ashes and can consider removing them manually. Other types of biomass, especially agricultural residues and peat, can generate huge amounts of ash.