Säätötuli hot water biomass boiler

ASME certified hot-water biomass boiler made in Canada

Hot-water biomass boiler manufactured in Canada

Säätötuli’s hot water biomass boiler can be used like any standard hydronic boiler. It can be connected to a hydronic heating system inside a building, or to a heat network covering several buildings, or even a municipal district heating network.

Output ranges from 545,942 BTU/hr (160 kW) up to 5,118,213 BTU/hr (1.5MW). Our hydronic boilers, as any pressure vessel, have a Canadian Registration Number (CRN). For smaller budgets, Säätötuli has also available Finnish-made high-quality boilers that cannot be pressurised (except where regional rules accept the European PED standard).

Our hot water boilers are designed to be connected to a Säätötuli burner and Säätötuli biomass fuel silo and conveyor. You can see the different equipment we can offer on our page about the biomass silo systems.

The boilers are fitted with a large access door, making cleaning and servicing easy and allowing to check the aspect of your flame easily.

The hot-water biomass boiler has a vertical tube heat-exchanger

Our hydonic biomass boilers are equipped with vertical heat-exchanger tubes. A vertical exchanger is easier to use on biomass boilers as they do not require as much cleaning as the classic horizontal heat-exchangers. The particulate matter on the flue gas has a tendancy to accumulate on the bottom of the tubes of a horizontal exchanger. In a vertical exchanger, the particulate matter simply drops down into the ashbox.

The hot-water boiler can be equipped with an optional automated boiler cleaning system. The cleaning system is made with springs that move inside the tubes to drop the particulate matter. When using wood pellets or clean woodchips with the automated boiler cleaning system, the hydronic boiler may in certain cases need as few as a single annual cleaning of the heat exchanger.

Säätötuli’s hot-water biomass boilers can also be preinstalled on a skid or inside a containerised biomass heating plant.

Complete biomass heating system: (1) Hydrobar silo, (2) drop, (3) feeding auger, (4) burner, (5) boiler, (6) multi-cyclone, (7) ash auger, (8) automation Principal elements of a Säätötuli hot water biomass heating system:
1 – Fuel silo (like the Säätötuli Hydrobar on this picture)
2 – Fuel drop or hydraulic lock
3 – Fuel conveying auger including safety features
4 – Säätötuli burner
5- Säätötuli boiler and ashbox
6 – Multi-cyclone flue gas cleaning system (optional)
7 – Automatic ash removal system (optional)
8 – Automation box