Other equipment

Some of the equipment distributed by Säätötuli Canada

In addition to heating equipment, Säätötuli Canada distributes other quality products in relation with wood-energy. You can find more information about our additional product-lines below.


Chippers for biomass fuel production

Chippers for energy-chips

Säätötuli distributes PTO-driven wood chippers able to produce quality biomass fuel. We have selected the best North European chippers for the quality of the woodchips they are able to produce, their easy maintenance and their cost-effectiveness for a biomass fuel producer.
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Säätökuivuri continuous flow biomass dryer

Continuous flow biomass dryer

Säätökuivuri is a continuous flow biomass dryer. It is able to dry up to 14 tons of green woodchips per hour. The dryer can use Säätötuli’s hot air generator as a source of heat for the drying process, or any other hot air source like excess process heat.
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Produce electricity with woodchips or pellets

Electricity from woodchips and pellets

The Volter 40 is a small-scale CHP unit (Combined Heat and Power) able to produce electrical power with woodchips or pellets. It is a nice solution to displace fossil fuel use in remote communities surrounded by forests.
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Fastest firewood producing equipment on the market


Pilkemaster firewood processors are able to cut-to-length and split logs to produce firewood with ease. They can be self-contained or driven by a tractor PTO. Säätötuli is the distributor for North America for these products.
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Improve your firewood logistics with big-bags

Forestry big-bags

Our forestry big-bags are the solution for firewood logistics. Our conveniently designed big-bags will hold one third of a full cord of 16-inch firewood when filled with a processor. Wood will season inside the bag and is easy to deliver to the customer.
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Produce high quality sheet-metal roofing and cladding elements

Sheet-metal roll-forming machinery

Profiilikeskus is the European leader for tile-sheet profile production lines. They have also a full line of roll-forming machinery for corrugated and trapezoidal roofing and cladding elements, and all the equipment you need around.
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