Chippers for wood-energy chips

PTO-driven crane-fed TP wood chipper producing biomass fuel

Even hog-piles, branches and leftovers can be converted into quality biomass fuel with the right kind of chippers. All Säätötuli boilers and furnaces are able to work with the chips made with Danish Linddana’s TP chippers.

If you would like to know more about small-scale biomass fuel production, check out our Wiki on small-scale biomass harvest in Finland.

TP chippers are manufactured in Denmark by Linddana

TP chippers are available as mobile units, track-mounted chippers and tractor PTO-driven models

The TP chipper family includes mobile, track and PTO-driven wood chippers. They are able to produce quality woodchips that can be used without trouble in biomass boilers and furnaces.

Säätötuli Canada has consulted with a Finnish farmer who has been producing, selling and heating his farm with woodchips from 1973. With his hands-on experience of successful and cost-effective biomass fuel production, we carefully selected this European quality supplier for our chipper distribution business.

TP chippers are disc-chippers. Advantages are:

  • Less fuel consumption compared to drum-chippers. The disc needs less energy to turn, but it also provides the necessary airflow to throw away the woodchips without a separate device.
  • A simple conception with easy and cheap maintenance.
  • Less fine particles in the woodchips compared to drum chippers, both brands are chip-quality oriented in their technological choices.
  • A smaller investment than a drum chipper of equivalent output.
  • No dedicated motor maintenance, the tractor provides the power (on PTO-driven models).

PTO-driven crane-fed chippers