Continuous flow biomass dryer

Continuous flow biomass dryer connected to a containerized Säätötuli hot air furnace

Säätökuivuri continuous flow biomass dryer

The Säätökuivuri biomass dryer is able to dry large amounts of woodchips in a short time.

It was developed specifically to dry woodchips, but it can be used to dry also other different materials.

The hot air used by the biomass dryer can be generated with a Säätötuli hot air generator, or with any source of hot air as long as it has no direct flame. Use of an electric or a fossil-fuel furnace is possible, but it can also work with residual process heat that can for example be recovered from an industrial chimney. The air going into the dryer must be dry. If you want to recover heat from the stack of a huge biomass plant, it is recommended to use a heat exchanger to avoid to send moisture-filled flue gases in the dryer.

The dryer works with a huge airflow that goes through a layer of biomass between two conveyors. The dryer monitors in real time the humidity of the product and sets up the speed of the conveyor accordingly to obtain the desired humidity at the end of the process and the quantity of hot air at disposal.

The dryer can be sized to fit the customer’s needs and optimize investment and production

Drying capacity for woodchips (estimated values based on the current tests):
With a 500kW biomass furnace – 85°C hot air: 26m3/h = 918cu.ft/h from 50% to 25% moisture. Equals to 8.3 tons of green woodchips transformed into 6.2 tons of woodchips with 25% moisture each hour.

With 2x500kW biomass furnaces – 130°C hot air: 38m3/h = 1342cu.ft/h from 55% to 5% moisture. Equals to 14.1 tons of green woodchips transformed into 7.0 tons of woodchips with 5% moisture each hour.

This biomass drying system is a good investment for biomass conditioning centers, but it can also be used for other applications. It can for example be used in pellet manufacturing by drying the woodchips before they are pulverized.

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