Continuous flow biomass dryer

Säätötuli has developed a new continuous flow biomass dryer. Official launch for this product is during the summer 2017. It will be a good solution for drying large amounts of woodchips or even other biomass based products.

The dryer monitors in real time the humidity of the product and sets up the speed of the conveyor accordingly to obtain the desired humidity at the end of the process. Hot air used for the process can be generated either with our biomass furnace, or with any other kind of hot air generator, excluding any direct flame system.

Drying capacity for woodchips (estimated values based on the current tests):
With a 500kW biomass furnace – 85°C hot air: 26m3/h = 918cu.ft/h from 50% to 25% moisture.
With 2x500kW biomass furnaces – 130°C hot air: 38m3/h = 1342cu.ft/h from 55% to 5% moisture.

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