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Pilkemaster firewood processors

The Pilkemaster firewood processors are the fastest machines you can find on the market to transform logs up to 14.5 inches in diameter into firewood.

Our most popular model, the Pilkemaster EVO is available in two versions:
– Pilkemaster EVO30: the reliable workhorse able to process logs up to 12 inch in diameter (30 cm).
– Pilkemaster EVO36: the powerful and fast firewood processor for logs up to 14.5 inch in diameter (36 cm)

Pilkemaster EVO firewood processors can be tractor PTO-driven or have their own gasoline engine. In both cases, the power source simply runs the two hydraulic pumps of the machine. All functions on the machine are driven by hydraulics.

Pilkemaster EVO firewood processors are easy to transport on the 3-point hitch of a tractor

Pilkemaster EVO

The Pilkemaster EVO has a revolutionary patented V-shaped infeed table. The firewood processor no longer needs a belt conveyor to feed logs into the machine as it is the infeed table itself that will move the log. The infeed table is actually also the splitting piston, making the processor extra fast as the forward and splitting movements are made at the same time.

Pilkemaster EVO firewood processors have an autolubricated sawchain. The sawbar and sprocket have been especially designed to allow a cutting speed around the double of what you will get with a standard chainsaw.

The machine comes with a 2/4 splitting knife with adjustable height. The splitting knife has been designed in order to minimize the force needed to split the logs. The machine can be equipped with a 0/2, 2/6 or 2/8 optional splitting knife.

Säätötuli Canada is the distributor for Pilkemaster machinery for North America. If you would like to purchase a machine or have a quote, our local dealer network will be happy to assist you.

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