Forestry big-bags

The Dry'n'Turn big-bag has bottom handles that allow to easily return the bag to empty it with forks. The bag has two mesh sides to ensure that the wood inside seasons efficiently. Our forest big-bags are specially designed with the needs of firewood and woodchip producers in mind. They are made from tear- and UV-resistant plastics and have 2 or 4 netted faces for optimal drying of the wood stored inside.

Unlike most of the competitors, our big-bags have been designed with the North American consumer market in mind. When you fill them of 16-inch firewood with the conveyor of a firewood processor, they will each take about one bush cord (1/3 of a full cord). You don’t need to cord your wood anymore as the bags have the right amount of firewood.

If you are processing firewood with a Pilkemaster EVO firewood processor, you can fill up to 3 big-bags with the machine just by moving the conveyor between the bags. To fill the bags, all you need is a rack to keep the bag open. This can also be done for example with forks (forklift or tractor loader forks).

Once filled, the bags are stable enough to be stored one on top of the other.

All our big bags have two big handles that make them easy to move

Each bag has two big handles to lift the bag. The two handles are easy to get on the forks to move the bag. Unlike the bags with 4 handles, you don’t have to aim precisely with your forks to lift the bag.

The bags have netted sides to allow natural airflow to season the wood. The best practice is to put a pallet under the bag to ensure that air can flow underneath also. The bags can be piled one on another and covered to avoir rain to wet the wood. The special black plastic is UV-treated. People who have already used black and white tie wraps outside all know that the white ones will turn yellow and brittle in a matter of months whereas the black ones will resist longer.

Open-bottom big-bags are easy to empty

For delivery of your firewood, two solutions exist: the Dry’n’Turn big-bag can be turned around with a fork with its two bottom-handles, and the Open-bottom bags can be emptied really fast because the whole bottom of the bag is closed with two velcros.

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