Sheet metal roll-forming machinery

Tile-sheet roll-forming line

Säätötuli Canada acts as the commercial agent for the Finnish Profiilikeskus company. Profiilikeskus manufactures roll-forming machinery for the sheet-metal industry.

Over 25-years of experience in roll-forming machinery

Profiilikeskus has over 25-years of experience in manufacturing roll-forming machinery for the sheet-metal industry. In Finland, Profiilikeskus manufactures and sells sheet-metal roofing and cladding elements on the local market. Having to deal on a day-to-day basis at their pilot factory with the same problems as their customers, Profiilikeskus has developed a different approach on the design of their machines compared to other equipment manufacturers. Profiilikeskus takes into account the whole life-cycle of the machine already on the drawing board and try always to create a machine that they would be proud to use in their own facility. That is why Profiilikeskus’ roll-forming machinery is strong, cost-effective, require a minimum of maintenance and workforce and keep their reselling value.

Doulble-deck: produce two profiles on a single roll-forming machine

Profiilikeskus sells roll-forming machinery for corrugated profiles and any types of trapezoidal profiles based on customer needs. You just need to send a drawing of the profile you wish to manufacture and Profiilikeskus will create the machine to produce it. If you have limited floorspace in your factory, the double-deck roll-former allows you to produce two different profiles on the same machine.

A leader in tile-sheet machinery

Profiilikeskus is a solid leader in Europe for tile-sheet producing machinery. Tile-sheet reproduces the classical appearance of traditional tile roofs but with all the advantages of modern steel roofing with rapid installation and minimal care. Profiilikeskus has no less than four different standard tiles and is eager to develop new ones for its customers needs.

Profiled steel slate roof

Profiilikeskus has also developed a roll-forming machine able to imitate traditional slate roofs. The machine is able to produce different widths of that slate profile and it can be fitted with additional embossing rolls.

Roll-forming machine for flashings

Profiilikeskus has also developed “cassette”-machines that are able to produce different kind of flashings with a single machine. All the forming rolls are mounted on cassettes that can be changed.

Profiilikeskus is also well known for the quality of their decoilers. They have also other sheet-metal working machinery like slitting and cut-to-length units.

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