Biocont Roll-off – Easy-to-move self-contained biomass heating plant

The self-contained biomass heating plant with a roll-off hook

Säätötuli’s Biocont Roll-off is a self-contained biomass heating plant equipped with a roll-off hook. It is extremely easy to move around as any standard roll-off truck is able to lift the whole heating plant without any external help.

Technical specifications of the Biocont Roll-off self-contained biomass heating plant

Boiler selectionAutomationIncluded equipmentOptional equipment
Biocont Roll-off includes a Säätötuli hot-water boiler. Output can be selected between:

546,000 BTU/hr (160 kW)
682,000 BTU/hr (200 kW)

Biocont Roll-off can be fitted with these automations:

Säätötuli C210
Basic automation with intuitive touch-screen software.
The user can chose the language for the software (English, French and other choices available).

Säätötuli C210 modulating
Same features as the C210, but adds modulation of the output of the burner (idle/run on the basic model).
All C210 automations can be upgraded with a GSM modem to send alerts by text messages to cellular phones.

Please note that regional requirements may affect the choice of automation, like in Ontario where idle-mode is forbidden for biomass boilers and a data recorder has to be added.

Biocont Roll-off includes always the following equipment:

Automatic ash removal with two augers
This system will evacuate the ashes from the firebox to a box outside of the containerised biomass plant.

Automatic flue gas extractor
Having a chimney with a good draft is an essential feature on a biomass boiler for good combustion and security. All our containerised biomass heating plants are always equipped with an automated flue gas extractor that will set the draft in real-time according to the pressure inside the firebox of the boiler.

Security PLUS pack or Aeromag aerosol extinguisher
The Security PLUS pack consists of two sprinklers placed in the feeding augers between the silo and the boiler. The sprinklers are connected to automated mechanical valves that will open the waterflow if the sensor on the auger detects a temperature raise indicating that fire is trying to get from the burner to the silo.
The Security PLUS pack is replaced by Aeromag aerosol extinguishers if the customer is using pellets. Water would expand the size of the wood pellets more than double resulting in jammed augers.

Drop feeder
For increased backfire security, the auger coming from the silo and the auger going in the burner are separated by a drop feeder. The drop feeder will simply drop the biomass fuel coming from the silo to the burner auger. Automation controls a sensor placed on the silo auger. If the temperature of the silo auger raises to an abnormal level, the drop feeder will stop the silo auger and run the burner auger in order to create an empty space between the firebox and the fuel from the silo.

Biocont Roll-off can be fitted with the following optional equipment:

The multi-cyclone helps to clean the flue gas from particulate matter. It is a simple and easy-to-maintain solution that will ensure that your biomass boiler plant will meet the environmental regulations. Säätötuli will be happy to assist you to select the best flue gas cleaning solution depending on your local regulations. The multi-cyclone is mounted in a box outside the Biocont Roll-off self-contained boiler plant.

Automatic exchanger-tube cleaning
The tubes in the heat-exchanger of the boiler will accumulate dust during the use of your biomass boiler. Depending on the fuel you use, the cleaning requirement for these tubes can be quite high. The automatic tube cleaning system will help you with this task by adding moving spring-like elements in the tubes to maintain them as clean as possible. The roof of the Biocont Roll-off self-contained biomass heating plant has a hatch to service the boiler and allow for the automatic exchanger-tube cleaning to be removed for maintenance.

Energy meter
If you want to know your exact heat consumption, or if you want to sell the BTUs your Biocont Roll-off produces, the containerised heating plant can be equipped with an energy meter.

External dimensions of the Biocont Roll-off self-contained boiler plant

External dimensions of the Biocont Roll-off

Like all Säätötuli’s prefabricated biomass plants, the Biocont Roll-off is made with an external structure made of tubular steel and fire-resistant sandwich-panel cladding and roof. Colors can be chosen and it is possible to add an additional paneling outside for decorative purposes.

Internal lay-out

Interior of the Biocont Roll-off self-contained biomass heating plant

The Biocont Roll-off is a compact self-contained biomass heating plant divided in two major areas described below.

Boiler-roomBiomass silo
The boiler-room part on the Biocont Roll-off is equipped with a Säätötuli hot-water boiler. The fuel auger from the silo is connected to an auger that will move the fuel upward and drop it to the auger going in the burner. This feature allows for increased security as the drop-feeder makes an empty space between the burner and the biomass silo.

The boiler-room has also the main electrical box of the boiler plant and the automation box with color touch-screen operating panel.

It has also all the piping needed to operate the boiler (including expansion tank) and the inlet and outlet for the heat network.

The boiler room houses also the hydraulic unit needed to operate the roof of the silo, the silo scrapers and the moving grate of the burner.

Interior of the silo of a Biocont Roll-off with Säätötuli Hydrobar
The biomass silo has a hydraulically operated roof to allow easy filling of the silo.

The silo has a volume of about 14 cubic meters, meaning that even at full power with the 546,000 BTU/hr (160kW) boiler, the silo will last around 3 days with woodchips (at 35% moisture content).

The bottom of the silo features two Säätötuli Hydrobar silo discharger units with hydraulic rakes with Säätötuli’s special silo discharging auger. The auger runs through the inner wall of the self-contained biomass plant and sends fuel to the boiler-room.

The silo is also equipped with a maintenance hatch that allows access under the Hydrobar units for maintenance operations.

Biocont Roll-off with european roll-off hook

Roll-off hook

North-American roll-off hook on self-contained biomass heating plant

The Biocont Roll-off is particularly easy to relocate as it features a roll-off hook at one end of the self-contained boiler plant. This allows roll-off trucks to move the whole plant with no help from any cranes or additional handling equipment.

Biocont Roll-off is easy to move as the roll-off truck can pick it up without external help
Once at destination, the roll-off truck can place the self-contained biomass heating plant by itself

Once the Biocont Roll-off has arrived at its final destination, the roll-off truck has to simply put it in place. Then the self-contained biomass plant has only to be connected to the heat and electric networks, the chimney and ash augers have to be mounted and it is ready to start the production of green heat.

Biocont Roll-off ready for delivery with all accessories on a trailer

The containerised hot air generator uses the same principle as the Biocont Roll-off and is also equipped with a roll-off hook.