Used containerised biomass hot-air generators

Used containerised biomass hot-air generators

Säätötuli Canada has exceptionally used containerised biomass hot-air generators available. They are 1.7 million BTU/hr units that were manufactured in 2014 and 2015 and used to heat an underground mine in Northern Quebec.

These units will be fully refurbished and sold with a 1-year warranty.

If you would like to visit one of these containerised hot-air generators, do not hesitate to contact us.

Biomass silo of a containerised hot-air generator

Each unit has a biomass silo and a furnace room with a hot-air generator producing 1.7 million BTU/hr, meaning about 17,000 cfm with an 80°C deltaT. It is an ideal system for grain dryers, large industrial, commercial or agricultural building heating, greenhouse heating, industrial processes and even mine heating.

These units were used for mine heating and are in excellent condition. Like any Säätötuli biomass heating system, these can use woodchips as well as pellets and different agricultural residues as fuel (where local regulations allow their use). Several units can be combined to increase output.

The whole process is controlled by an intuitive touch-screen PLC

These biomass hot-air generators require 3-phase electric current. As they were manufactured in Europe, they run on 380V current, but are equipped with a 600V>300V transformer. If you have another voltage available, the transformer can be changed to your needs. Säätötuli Canada keeps in stock each type of motor installed on these units. Except the motors, all other components are directly compatible with the equipment sold by Säätötuli Canada. Therefore, you will never have to wait a long time for any replacement part.

Containerised biomass hot-air generator moved by a large container handling equipment

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