Skid packaged biomass boiler systems for hot water

Skid packaged biomass boiler with integrated buffer silo, burner and flue gas cleaner

Säätötuli’s skid packaged biomass systems include a hot-water boiler, the biomass burner, a buffer-silo and the multi-cyclone on a factory assembled skid. Delivery of the boiler on skid has the advantage of limiting the number of items to be shipped and ends up in huge time and cost savings during installation. On the installation site, the whole package can be lifted in place at once instead of installing the different components one by one.

Depending on the output of the boiler and the need of the customer, the skid can include some part of the piping and all the maintenance platforms needed to operate the boiler. This means that the installation operation can be limited to almost plug-and-play.

Skid ready to be equipped at the factory The skid is a metal frame on which the boiler and auxilary equipment are installed. If you wish to purchase a factory-made boiler plant, you can check our containerised biomass heating plants. If you want to install your biomass boiler in a building that already exists or that you plant to build, but wish to benefit from similar time savings during the installation, a skid-mounted biomass boiler is the solution for you.

Installation of a skid mounted biomass boiler

The whole range of Säätötuli’s hot-water biomass boilers is available as skid packaged systems, from 546,000 BTU/hr (160kW) up to 5,118,000 BTU/hr (1500kW). Boilers above 2,900,000 BTU/hr (750kW) are available with the standard auger-feed burners, but also with the high-tech piston-feed burner and wet ash removal combi.

The boiler and auxilary equipment arrive ready and have only to be placed on the concrete floor
The boiler room is built around the boiler package

Every skid package is especially designed for each customer to fit his needs. All the flue gas cleaning equipment is factory-mounted and can be chosen among different models to meet the local emission regulations.

Partial skid for fast biomass boiler installation in a building with door restriction

For some existing buildings, the doorways may not be huge enough for a skid packaged boiler to enter the premises. In that case, the skid can be partially mounted like on the picture above. The height restriction would not allow for a full package to enter the boiler room, therefore the skid was prepared only with the buffer biomass silo, the burner, the ash-bottomm the hydraulic aggregate, the pneumatic compressor and the anti-backfire security system. The boiler can simply be installed on top once inside the building thus cutting installation time to a minimum.

Usually the skid mounted biomass boiler solutions are combined to a hydraulic scraper silo. However, for smaller outputs, it is possible to manufacture the boiler system to include the whole biomass silo made with Säätötuli’s Hydrobar hydraulic rake discharger or a Kaks2/Metri2 silo discharger.