Video from the “Week-end Acéricole et Forestier de Courcelles”

Discover the Säätötuli Strong in video below.

Video of the Säätötuli Strong retrofit burner

We would like to thank you all of our visitors during the end of summer outdoor fairs. For those of you who didn’t have the chance to attend, we have made a short video at the “Week-end Acéricole et Forestier” in Courcelles, QC in September 2019. That video features our Säätötuli Strong retrofit biomass burner in action.

As you can see on this video, there is no visible smoke coming out from the chimney even if the burner is running. The Säätötuli Strong burner is able to burn woodchips as well as pellets. Strong is equipped with a biomass silo and an auger that transfers the biomass fuel to the burner.

The burner is placed inside the heating equipment you want to retrofit and will create a flame inside the firebox. This means that instead of burning firewood, the flame will be generated by the retrofit burner. Basically any kind of firewood burning device can be retrofitted with a Säätötuli Strong biomass burner, for example an outdoor furnace or a maple syrup evaporator.
On this video, the burner is connected to an Ecopoly2 heating system.

Strong is available in two different versions. On this video, you can see the Strong 420, which has a 420 liter biomass silo (the green box on the left). The other available model has a 920 liter silo. Strong burners are always on rollers, meaning that you can easily move it out and back on your heating device, if for example you wish to run from time to time with firewood.

Säätötuli Strong can be equipped with a burner of 136,000 BTU/hr (40kW) as seen on the video, or if you need a bigger output, it can be equipped with a 205,000 BTU/hr (60kW) or a 273,000 BTU/hr (80kW) burner.

For bigger silos able to accommodate bigger burner outputs, please check out our page on the biomass silos.

Säätötuli Strong comes with a C110 automation that will pilot the burner. The C110 has a two-line digital screen and easy-to-use menu to set-up your burner depending on what fuel you are using. The C110 can be connected to the thermostat of your heating device to switch automatically between idle and power modes depending on the heat demand.