Crane-fed PTO-driven woodchippers

Crane-fed PTO-driven biomass fuel wood chippers

The crane-fed PTO-driven biomass fuel woodchipper has been the workhorse and the backbone of the highly developed biomass heating industry in Northern Europe. Beginning in the agricultural world of Scandinavia in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s, the idea of heating farm buildings and dryers with automatically fed woodchip boilers sparked the need for reliable, rugged, and cost-effective woodchippers. Every farm has a tractor, so the idea to build the chipper as an implement to avoid to add a costly motor came naturally.

Linddana's TP270K, an efficient crane-fed workhorse

Starting also at the very beginning of this trend, the Danish Linddana company has been successfully manufacturing their TP-chippers since 1980. This 40+ year experience has perfected the TP woodchippers to be user-friendly, strong, and highly efficient. They are easy to operate and maintain, simply made to be used.

No task is too big for the TP250K crane-fed woodchipper
The crane-fed TP woodchippers are the best tools for an efficient production of biomass fuel. The crane ensures fast production, whereas the chipper produces high quality woodchips. Chipping blades can be adjusted for different sizes depending on what the woodchip will be used for. When fitted with the TP chip kit, crane-fed TP chippers are even able to produce woodchips that enter the strict European G30, G50 and G100 biomass fuel quality standard (Önorm M7133). With this quality of woodchips, you will find no biomass boiler that can’t run properly on your supply.
The crane-fed TP 250 PTO K and 270 PTO K woodchippers are covered by a three-year warranty covering everything except the paint and wear parts. The professional-use TP 320 PTO K and TP 400 PTO K are built for intensive biomass production that requires a higher level of maintenance and are supplied with a one-year warranty.

Features of the crane-fed TP woodchippers


TP PILOT K no-stress RPM monitor for crane-fed PTO-driven TP woodchippers

TP Pilot K no-stress

The TP Pilot K is an efficient RPM monitor installed in the tractor cab and working as a no-stress. It monitors continuously the RPM of the chipper and reacts automatically if the RPM drop down. That way you can concentrate on feeding the chipper with your crane and never worry about damaging your engine. The TP Pilot K packs also many other useful functions like time registration and connection with the crane joysticks.

Mowi crane is the natural choice for efficient chip production with TP woodchippers

Mowi crane

You can use your existing crane to feed your crane-fed TP woodchipper. It can also be supplied with a robust and reliable Mowi crane that is designed for efficient forestry work. The Mowi crane is equipped with mechanical parallel operation, meaning that you don’t need to control height when feeding the woodchipper. This ensures an easy operation with better ergonomics. The grapple and rotator are included with Mowi crane solutions.

The TP crane support can be used with or without the chipper

Crane support

The TP crane support is a specially designed A-frame for Mowi cranes. It is directly fitted to the 3-point hitch of the tractor and ensures an optimized weight distribution, manoeuvrability, and visibility. The crane support can be used with or without the chipper, meaning that you can use your Mowi crane also for non-chipping related work.

The professional TP 320 PTO K and TP 400 PTO K have an integrated crane support. The TP crane support is an option for the TP 250 PTO K and TP 270 PTO K models.

TP crane and chipper can be tboth controlled by ergonomic joystick controls

Ergonomic operation with joysticks

TP woodchippers equipped with TP Pilot K and Mowi cranes can be operated by 1-hand or 2-hand joysticks. The control solution is supplied as a plug & play set including the joysticks, Danfoss PVG 32/5 electrical valve, a complete cable set and TP rack and armrest.

The crane-fed TP PTO K-series woodchippers are specially developed for forestry use and can be fed with whole trees. The rugged infeed funnel that narrows late makes it easy to feed by crane. The infeed rollers are powerful and ensure a smooth operation.

The crane-fed TP PTO K-series is available as four different models

TP 250 PTO K woodchipper for logs up to 9.8 inch

TP 250 PTO K – The next step after manual-fed chippers

Max log diameter 250 mm / 9.8 inch

A large 3-bladed rotor disc with 3 counter blades, a 90-degree chipping angle and two horizontal feeding rollers result in efficient wood chipping.
3-year warranty

TP 270 PTO K woodchipper for logs up to 10.6 inch in diameter

TP 270 PTO K – The reliable workhorse for biomass fuel production

Max log diameter 270 mm / 10.6 inch

The 45-degree angled funnel provides optimal working conditions in forests and alongside roads and hedges.
3-year warranty

TP 320 PTO K woodchipper for logs up to 12.5 inch in diameter

TP 320 PTO K – The rugged chipper for bigger jobs

Max log diameter 320 mm / 12.5 inch

The professional choice, recommended for tractors with rotating cab seat. Can be fitted with the TP chip kit including sliver breakers and a screen to maximize woodchip quality for smaller boilers and furnaces.
1-year warranty

TP 400 PTO K woodchipper for logs up to 15.7 inch in diameter

TP 400 PTO K – The professional choice

Max log diameter 400 mm / 15.7 inch

The professional choice, recommended for tractors with rotating cab seat. Includes a hydraulic rotating ejector spout making it easy to control the direction of the woodchip flow from the tractor cabin.
1-year warranty