Worried about propane availability? Meet us at St. Hyacinthe’s Salon de l’Agriculture January 14-16, 2020.

Want to replace propane by biomass ? Meet us at the Salon de l'Agriculture 2020 in St. Hyacinthe.

The CN strike brough propane rationing to Quebec’s farmers at the heart of the grain drying season. Now that the strike is finally over, the farmers face a strong increase on propane pricing. The worries about the availability and the unstable prices make propane more and more a stressful energy source for farmers.

What if you decided to stop using propane and replaced it with a green energy made by you or one of your neighbors?

For the second time, Säätötuli Canada will be at the Salon de l’Agriculture in St. Hyacinthe, QC on January 14-16th, 2020. Our booth will be number 260 located in the Jefo-building like last year.

We would be pleased to meet you to discuss your agricultural heating needs. We have a large range of biomass heating solutions: hot water boilers, hot air furnaces, containerised boiler plants… Whether you want to heat your livestock buildings, garages, barns or grain dryers, we have a solution for your need.

Our biomass systems can burn woodchips and woodpellets. They can also burn a lot of different agricultural residues.

Get rid of propane-related stresses! With our heating systems, you can produce yourself your fuel or buy it from one of your neighbors at a good price. Enjoy a local and renewable energy which price will not increase heavily with every crisis abroad and that does not need to be transported on a long distance.

If you are already heating with firewood but get tired of constantly filling up your furnace, our biomass retrofit solutions are for you. They allow you to convert your outdoor furnace into a biomass heating system able to use woodchips or pellets. Our retrofit burners can also be mounted on maple syrup evaporators.

On our booth at the Salon de l’Agriculture, you can see a Säätötuli Strong biomass burner with its C110 control automation. You can also discover our Pilkemaster EVO36 HC Lite firewood processor.
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Come discuss local energy in January 2020 in St. Hyacinthe, QC